Monday, October 16, 2006

Q: How do lesbians have sex? A: Watch this movie.

If I had to count on one hand how many times I've been asked the real, earnest "How DO lesbians have sex, GTG?" question, well, I'd never be able to fist anyone again. If you have a hard time imagining what lesbians do when they have sex, this movie is for you.
The movie "The Crash Pad" is a virtual instructional manual for how dykes really do it. It starts out with a 2 strap-on threesome, moves into a classic butch-femme fuck scene that culminates with female ejaculation (really), and then there are scenes of serious finger-fucking and self-love.
"The Crash Pad" won't show you all of the ways lesbians have sex, but it's a good starter course. And presumably it has non-educational value, too. Prepare to be surprised that it's not all stroking and kissing on cheeks and whatever else they do in girl-on-girl porn. And the girls are hot, but most of them aren't 'porno' hot.
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