Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flattery all around: Lingering Fishbowl Questions, Part 3

Part 3 of 4 of questions from the FGC Fishbowl.

Dear Go-To Girl,
I know you're really busy, but can I be your 10-10-50 man? I swear I'm more of a 30-10-40 guy.
Room 103

Dear Room 103,
Aw, I'm flattered! But thanks; I'm not really looking for a 10-10-50 (or a 30-10-40) guy at the moment. If you need to review the 10-10-50 rule, click here and here for the previous posts.

But here are the basics:
10: the number of minutes, from entry to exit, that sex should take.
10: the number of minutes a foreplay blowjob should last. (Sorry, guys)
50: the maximum percentage of a person's tongue that should be inserted into another person's mouth when kissing.

People continue to challenge me on the validity of the 10-10-50 rule but I stand firmly behind it. So I'm creating a challenge: the next time you get busy, look at the clock and report back to Go-To Girl about what you find. I'll keep you anonymous so nobody will know who's a 3-minute girl or a 55-minute guy (I'm looking at you, room 103). This way we can tally real information and test the validity of 10-10-50.

But I maintain the reasoning behind the original 10-10-50: guys, you are far better off shooting for a solid 10-minutes of fucking than struggling to last for longer and not being any good because you can't concentrate on having fun. Lasting longer comes with age and, believe me, there are girls out there (ahem) who will tell you when your 10 minutes is up. Some of us are busy, y'all!

Go-To Girl

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