Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Toy Reviews!

Dear readers,

Every now and then I get a bagful of sex paraphernalia that I get to try out and write about for Here is the latest slew of products (part 1 of 3):

O'My Pleasure Gel

Like alchemy and the search for the Holy Grail, some searches are forever fruitless. The search for a magic clit-stimulator bullet is similarly ineffective: most products designed for this purpose do absolutely nothing, and O’My’s Pleasure Gel is no exception.

Pleasure Gel, like other similar products, promises to “enhance sexually intimate activities by increasing clitoral sensitivity and improving women’s ability to achieve orgasm.” (Quote from the enclosed instructions.) The “science” behind this gel is that it creates a cold/hot feeling that is due to the menthol in the gel.

The gel does indeed elicit a cold/hot sensation, but that sensation does not really increase sexual pleasure or sensitivity at all. It actually feels a little bit alarming; I don’t associate a burning feeling with sexual pleasure but with fear and a panicked call to the gynecologist.

At $20 per .4 oz tube, this product is a total waste of money. For those insistent on trying topical clitoral stimulators, there are other, similar products available that cost less. The one advantage O’My’s gel has over other products I’ve tried is that it doesn’t smell like menthol. Menthol smells good when you put it on your chest to help a sore throat, but mixed with pussy it smells horrible.

O’My’s Pleasure Gel can be used on other sensitive tissues, like the nipples or the ass and it creates the same warmth that is intensified by blowing on the area. But as an orgasm enhancer, this product does not live up to its promise.

Zero Stars!

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