Wednesday, April 16, 2008

*Yawn* Latest DC Prostitution Scandal Ends with Guilty Verdict *Yawn*

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Paging Senator David Vitter (R-LA): Your Madam has been convicted. How your douchebag ass didn't get dragged through the mud is beyond belief; but here we are, once again: the Madam is guilty, the bible-thumping, hypocrisy-spewing, gay-persecuting Louisiana Senator client merely apologizes.

Look, GTG loves Washington; indeed, it's her hometown. But seriously, sometimes it's boring. The bars close early, the metro stops running at 12; what's a bored suburban househusband/worthless Senator to do? Surely smoking cigars at Old Ebbit Grill with the guys (well, before the DC smoking ban, anyway) gets old after a while.

GTG used to work the front desk at the Washington City Paper to which, back in the dark ages before Craigslist Casual Encounters , all the call girls came every Monday afternoon to place their Adult Services ads. And, believe me, those girls entertained well. Most of 'em were real nice gals, too. The pimps were alright; not every man can carry off a baby blue rabbit fir Kangol jacket.

I'm just sayin': it's fundamentally unfair to prosecute the madams (pimps never seem to have well-publicized trials, though I assure you they run the majority of "escort" or "massage" businesses) and not the johns who hire them. Paying money for sex is just as much a crime as soliciting it. And, come on, sometimes married people get lonely and want some 'tang. Is that so wrong?

At least when Democrats like Eliot Spitzer get caught up in prostitution scandals they have the good sense to resign.

Yes, there are gay escorts in Washington, too. Ask Larry Craig.


Anonymous said...

^^^yawn^^^PURE TRIPE^^^yawn^^^

No proof.

No indictment.

No crime.

All we have here is ASSumption.

Go-To Girl said...

couldn't agree more. i just wish there had been more famous peeps on her call list.