Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's the Big O-O-O-OMG!

Thanks to my long lost pal C for the tip on this.

Have you been searching for a new sex toy to mark the beginning of the new administration but just aren't satisfied with the blase, nonpartisan appearance of most dildos currently on the market?


Well, then, this Barack Obama dildo is definitely for you.

While the Head O State O-O-Obama! dildo isn't made of silicone, the rubber is phthalate free. And that matters.

In keeping with the generous assumptions made about Obama's sexual prowess by the liberal, mainstream media, the dildo measures a mind-boggling 7 1/2 inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter. Which is huge. Really.

This thing is gonna be so hot that you'll be thanking your lucky stars for these freezable lube cubes

At the bargain price of $34.95, you'll have enough economic stimulus check left over to buy one for your best friend.

Happy Inauguration!

*Seriously, freezable lube cubes? Fuck yeah!

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J. A. Baker said...

So, are you planning on getting one? ;)