Monday, February 02, 2009

Sweaty Middle Aged Man Fetish?!

Thanks to the Onion for this week's hilarity scoop, 'Asian Teen Has Sweaty Middle Aged Man Fetish.' I love the idea of fetishes getting turned on their heads, like girls who just love to tire out their inner thigh muscles by giving foot jobs or prefer to use semen to moisturize their chest and neck. Right.

And now on to today's Q & A.

Dear Go-To Girl,

I'm hyper-conscious about using condoms and so is my boyfriend. In fact, he orders Crown condoms special from the internets because they're so great. But we're getting more serious and I've gone on the pill. I know I want to use another method just in case...what about Vaginal Contraceptive Film?


Dear Alicia,

Vaginal Contraceptive Film sounds like a great idea. It's thin, translucent, small, and dissolves in the vagina. But unfortunately VCF is a spermicide and spermicides are gross.

The pill is really, really effective. It prevents pregnancy by four different mechanisms, but the most important is that it inhibits ovulation. As long as you take it correctly (i.e., at the same time every day) you won't ovulate, and no egg means no baby.

If you don't feel comfortable having pill-only sex yet, keep using condoms. I know they make sex feel different, but so does childbirth. So relax, order another case of Crowns, and go forth and fuck appropriately.


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