Friday, April 24, 2009

Ex-Masturbator: The T-Shirt?

By way of the Huffington Post, there's a new anti-sex game in Christtown and it's called The Passion for Christ Movement, or P4CM. I'll let them speak for themselves:
Yeah we said it….Nobody talks about it, but most people have done it or are still doing it. It's seems to be a rite of passage for both girls and guys into the world of sex. Some say masturbation is not a sin, some say that it is. But is it really okay in the eyes of God?
They're absolutely right that nobody talks about masturbation, that most people are doing it, and that it's an introduction to sex. But I'm not so clear on why God might not be okay with it. I'm not sure they know, either, because I can't find anything on their website that explains why God hates self-love.

But they've got some other t-shirts, too: Ex-Bisexual, Ex-Hustler, Ex-Narcissist, and my favorite, Ex-Atheist.

While I'm all for accountability in religious faith, I'm definitely not convinced that the particular traits on these shirts are high on God's "stop doing that" list.

I do really like their pastor, though, Justin Cox. You can see videos of him preaching about "What men need to know about women @ church" parts 1 and 2. He says that you can't judge a woman by how she acts in church, and at least we can agree on that. No videos about masturbation, though.

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Zadaro said...

How about one that says Current Masturbator?:) From one blogger to another keep up the good work. I enjoyed reading your posts!