Thursday, April 02, 2009


Look, I love the color pink. Most of my apartment decor is pink and/or orange. I love it. If it comes in pink, I probably have it in pink. My office is littered with pink lampshades, pens, highlighters, water bottles, clipboards, copies of Managing Contraception, boxes of strawberry Nerds, a hot pink painting of the Brooklyn Bridge...the list goes on. I really like pink.
But I was innocently looking for images of douches on for an unrelated graphic design project and you'll never guess what I pink pubic hair dye. No, really. Fun Betty "Color For the Hair Down There" (tee hee) also comes in Blonde, Love (red), Malibu (aqua blue), and Brown.
Tip to Beauty's Spot.

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Seth said... you're telling us your pubes are pink now?