Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Toy Review: Fun Factory Smart Balls

Fun Factory's Smart Balls

It's been a while since I did a toy review, and with the impending apocalypse signaled by the swine flu panic, I figured "What better time to encourage masturbation than the few weeks preceding inevitable quarantine?" So here goes.

Fun Factory's Smart Balls are, ostensibly, an exercise toy: intended to strengthen the PC muscles, they are especially useful for women who have gone through vaginal childbirth or some other traumatic pelvic event and want to tone up their PC muscles. But they're also useful for women who aren't starting from scratch.

The balls are, like all of Fun Factory's toys, made of high quality materials--in this case, silicone. Each ball houses another, smaller ball that rattles when moved, causing involuntary muscle contraction. You can also use them for intentional Kegel exercises and push and pull them, but they are best used for incidental entertainment, like while vacuuming. Or something.

Smart Balls are designed to be small enough to fit inside the vagina and, if the muscles are strong enough, be held there during other activities, like masturbation or anal sex.

Like any good toy intended to be inserted and left in, Smart Balls have a string so you can pull them out. The silicone construction means they can be sanitized with soap and water.

At $28, the Smart Balls are a great investment. Check out this video from Babeland detailing even more ways to use 'em.

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