Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Q: Can girls get blue balls? A: Yes

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Dear Go-To Girl,

Last night I was having sex and I didn't come. Obviously, I was not happy about this. But afterwards I got into the shower and started having these really bad cramps that came in waves. WTF?


Dear Jessie,

Even though we ladies don't have the flagpole indicator that guys do, during arousal the genital region (aka "your area") gets similarly engorged with blood, a stage called vasocongestion. The vagina gets puffy, red, and wet--the reuslt of bloodflow to the pelvis. Blood vessels in the genitals are designed to fill up with blood and then constrict, so that the lubrication and such stays around while you're having sex.

Vasocongestion is supposed to go away with orgasm--chemicals are released to make those blood vessels open back up and drain back into your system. If you don't have an orgasm, the vessels drain slowly, which can cause cramping--guys know this feeling as blue balls but it can happen to women, too.

If this happens again and it's especially painful for you, feel free to grab a vibrator or whatever you need to get yourself off. But it isn't an indicator of a serious problem with your body and the pain shouldn't last.*


*It can be an indicator of a woman seriously wanting to punch a dude in the face. Or so I've heard ;)


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha!

V said...

blue walls FTL