Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tell me about your first time...

Well, don't tell me. But tell Abby at Deflowered, a website devoted to blowing the lid off of the loss of virginity.

Since we're all being assaulted by the house of horrors that is Bristol Palin's hard-knock life of teenage motherhood, reading stories about sex that are not based on stupidity and panic is refreshing.
Here's their perspective:
In addition to their entertainment value, these stories offer subtle commentary
on the female experience of virginity in a culture where "saving" yourself for
marriage is no longer the norm but the stigma of "losing it" has not been
completely shed. While there is no professional analysis and no attempt to make
a formal political or cultural comment on the topic, the narratives address the
subject naturally as they recount the varied hopes and expectations the writers
had regarding their virginity as well as their feelings after it's loss. In
presenting these shocking, funny, and sometimes sad first hand accounts,
Deflowered seeks to personalize the female experience in a way that other books
on the topic have failed, and, in doing so, subvert the notion that something is
always "lost" when a girl makes the initial jump from virgin to vixen...
In case you're wondering, I haven't submitted...yet. But when I do, it'll be under a nom de plume so you'll have to try and figure out who's me. But I will say this: we did not know then what we know now about nonoxynol-9 condoms.

You can read the memoirs that are already up here.

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