Thursday, August 13, 2009

Texas Education Standards are

I'm pretty sure this isn't what Nancy Reagan meant...

I didn't think it was possible, but after a close reading of the Texas Essential Knowledge Standards for Health Education (better known to Texans as the TEKS), it turns out Texas isn't in favor of abstinence after all!

From Chapter 115 of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Health Education Subchapter C. High School:

115.32, b. 7: (G) analyze the relationship between the use of
refusal skills and the avoidance of unsafe situations such as sexual abstinence (emphasis mine)

Apparently the most urgent need in Texas education is a thorough understanding of sentence construction since I'm pretty sure they don't want people like me to teach students to just say no to abstinence. But considering what the wingnuts over at the Heritage Foundation are up to these days, they clearly think that we are, in fact, teaching kids that abstinence is unsafe. Except, actually, we're kind of right...

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