Monday, September 21, 2009

Annals of Obvious:
Religiosity causes pregnancy

Baby Daddy Levi "We were practicing safe sex [except for that one time]" and Bristol.

Via Feministing, more research has come out demonstrating that states with higher proportions of religious people have higher rates of teen birth. Yes, duh. This was the thesis of last year's New Yorker article Red Sex, Blue Sex. It makes perfect sense that states with more people who are anti-contraception and anti-abortion would see higher teen pregnancy, because teen sex is not preventable.

Humans are designed to have sex as teenagers. The idea that we could possibly eliminate teen sex is completely laughable hubris. Vows of celibacy, pledges of abstinence, rings of purity: all of them are violins on the Titanic of teenage virginity. It's going down, people. I promise you.

When you take teenagers who are designed by God (or whoever) to have babies (which, usually, result from sex) and remove contraception and access to abortion, you are going to have higher prengancy (because you've eliminated birth control) and birth (because you've eliminated abortion) rates. Stop being surprised. If I am credited with anything for my work, I hope it is my foundational theory of sex education:

Sexual behavior at the population level does not change significantly over time.

Quote me on that.

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