Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Time out over: Welcome back, IWF!

After former president Nancy "Real Virginia" Pfotenhauer left the Independent Women's Forum (as in, "women are independently able to subject themselves to the patriarchy") they seemed pretty aimless and haven't had much to say beyond "Rah Rah Iraq War" over the last year or so.
But they're back! Never satisfied to continue to pretend they're just supporting women's right to choose not to have an abortion, that school choice is good, that boys are being discriminated against, and that staying at home with kids is a "choice" that women should have the "right" to make without being "discriminated against" by those nasty professional women who choose to go to work every day, they've entered the completely insane anti-health reform fray with a new video you can only view on the IWF website.

Thank goodness Glenn Beck is taking them seriously. At least, seriously enough to refer to them as the Women's Independence Forum. Glad to know even the right wing idiots who, I assume, IWF is actually talking to give a shit about them.

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