Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Women Who Want You to Keep It In Your Pants Calendar (by force, if necessary)

Can't wait for the calendar? Get the poster for $8!

OMG. Via Perez Hilton (thanks, K!). The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, which is famous for putting out such purity-pushing garbage as Sense and Sexuality is getting ready to release their 5th Conservative Women of the Year Calendar.

Want to have Ann Coulter looking down at you while you look at porn on your work computer? Or that woman from the beauty pageant making you feel really, really bad while you fantasize about her during sex with your girlfriend? You're in luck.

The CBLPI is interested in making women not have sex, and they use the same "But nobody ever told me!" bullshit line as Pam Stenzel and other abstinence pushers. The hilarious thing is that they're right--nobody ever told them how to effectively prevent STIs--because the abstinence pushers were so busy telling them "Just wait til marriage girls, and everything will be awesome. And PS the sex will be great."

The thing that nobody apparently is telling anyone: that you should never have sex. Ever. So buy the calendar and you can have a different conservative scold giving you dirty looks each month reminding you
"Keep it in the pen in 2010."


DiG said...

Well obviously one of those hussies had herself some sexin'.

Alyssa said...

I want the old lady in the middle watching me....

Go-To Girl said...

DiG-yes, clearly the pregnant one likes to fuck but notice that she's barefoot. And pregnant. Which is how all we ladies oughta be. All the time. Goooo, traditional family!

Sara said...

Wait. Why are most of them barefoot? Gross.

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