Friday, October 16, 2009

Coming to America:
Cougar Utopia!

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The Style section of the New York Times is always on the prowl for the latest and greatest in social "trends" which, more often than not, are evidenced by a few friends of the writer doing something and the writer declaring a national movement.

Such is the case with Thursday's piece attempting to humanize cougars, or older women who pursue younger men. CSI: Miami also recently ran an episode that highlighted rich women who threw parties for younger guys; in this episode, the jealous (and cheating himself, of course) husband of the cougar-ringleader kills a bunch of scrumptuous college volleyball players through typically complex CSI: Miami methods, in this case a golf club tied to the top of a lifeguard stand that created an electrical charge in the sand volleyball court through some kind of blue crystals that conducted electricity up through the players' bare feet.

Those cougars! Causing death and destruction wherever they go to satisfy their desperate, feline need for sex!

On a serious note, though, whether there is a "national trend" of older women going for younger guys or not, many researchers (including my pal Mark Regnerus, of "younger marriage is A-ok fame") are concerned about the game-changing implications of higher numbers of educated, high-earning women who don't actually need a man to take care of them anymore.

Frankly, I think it stands to reason that if a woman doesn't need a man for financial support and knows full well that she'll have to take care of a man regardless of his age, why not go for someone young? If the woman wants to have children, the genetic material of a younger guy is going to be stronger and the man more, you know, pliable.

The article says:

Economics is also a key factor. Both women and men, particularly as the wage gap has narrowed, are growing more comfortable with the possibility that she is the higher earner, sociologists say. And while she may not want to take a slacker under her wing, she is less likely to be focused on the status of her partner than women of previous generations.

Same-age men are usually intimidated by women who are more well educated and earn more money so it totally makes sense that women would go for younger men, who are enamored with older women's confidence, success, and ability to say "do this, not that" which women their own age may not be comfortable doing. Maybe it's a Mrs. Robinson fetish that only a few women (and young men) share, but it seems a reasonable strategy to respond to society's gender role card shuffling.

And, really, if it adds up to more hot sex for more people, who's complaining?


Sara said...

K, That CSI plot was pretty WILD (Get it? rawr, cougars!)...but my all time favorite still remains the young poolside hottie devoured and then regurgitated by the 12 foot long boa constrictor on ecstacy (Actual episode. I am not making this up.)

Anyway, back OT, I'm curious to see additional responses from the conservative right about the "role reversal" such trends promote. (breadwinning wife, cared-for and potentially childcare-providing husband).

So my question: which is worse on the family values scale? Emasculated younger hubby? Same sex parents? Single mother? (Note here that any single man taking after his family in the accidental loss/abandonment/death of the mother is hailed as a saint)

Guess what I'm saying is the Christian right is not "pro-family" or "family values." They're in fact decidedly anti-any family that does not adhere to their standards.

Go-To Girl said...

when i talked to mark about the cougar utopia he thought i was completely insane; but i mean, why not? with more evidence that sperm 'ages' and becomes less good i think it makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective for women to go after men with the strongest genes. i mean, they aren't necessarily good for much else... ;)

Sara said...

There's no reason to call it insane! If you can make an evolutionary argument for why men go for younger women...why can't you turn around and make the same argument for women going after younger men?

Goose said...

All I have to say is meow! I'm all for people who find each other attractive getting together no matter the gender/race/age/orientation combo.