Monday, October 26, 2009

This Just In:
Baseball Cheating Scandal!

Phillips and his former lady friend, Brooke Hundley (photo credit)

Another Sunday night baseball game (goddammit, Angels, seriously), another television host ousted over infidelity. Steve Phillips, previous GM of the Mets and now the former host of Sunday Night Baseball for ESPN, has been fired after it came to light that he had an affair with the 22 year-old production assistant pictured above.

This isn't the first time Phillips has had affairs:
When Phillips was the general manager of the Mets, he was forced to take a leave of absence in 1998 because of a series of affairs and an accusation of sexual harassment by a Mets employee. He entered counseling and returned to the Mets, but was eventually fired in 2003.
Furthermore, Phillips is apparently "admitting himself to an inpatient treatment facility to address his personal issues." I think his "personal issues" are going to include being harassed by his crazy former love interest, who sent this threatening letter to Phillips' wife. This is my favorite part:
I was raised Catholic too and while I know our faith dissuades divorce, it also respects it with regards to infidelity because people should have the opportunity to be with whomever makes them happy and can give them what they need.
Um, I wasn't raised Catholic (praise be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) but I'm pretty sure she's completely nuts on this score. I wish we could know what kind of treatment facility treats half-sorry middle-aged cheaters.

Ironically, Phillips never seemed to imagine he'd be successful at ESPN. When he was named to join the cast of Sunday Night Baseball, he had this to say:
I honestly didn't think I'd be able to make a career of this," says Phillips, who joined ESPN in 2004 and expected he'd be replaced by a more "sexy name.
And how.

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