Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trojan Videos: Finally Getting it Together

As an alumnae of Trojan, I'm so pleased to see that they've finally given up on the too-serious tone they took with the "1 in 4" campaign and the weird, not quite right message of the "Evolve" pigs ads.

For those who don't remember, 1 in 4 featured a lovey-dovey couple standing on a train platform, sharing iPod headphones, with text that said "1 in 4 people don't tell their partners that they have an STD. Not because they don't care, because they don't know. Use a condom."

Yeah...not quite the right message.

Evolve missed the mark because, a) using a condom and not being a pig do not, unfortunately, always go together and b) the dude with the condom doesn't even kiss the girl at the end of the commercial. You've gotta connect the dots for people in these commercials by conveying, very clearly, "If you use our product you will get laid [more]."

I love the ad below because the guy shows up with the condoms and he gets the fuck laid. That is what Trojan needs to focus on in their commercials: condoms lead to fucking and, therefore, not having condoms leads to not getting fucked. It's taken 3 years for Trojan to take the advice I gave them on the original storyboards for the "Evolve" pigs ad, which was "he needs to get the girl at the end."

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