Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plan B: I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Finally, after years of scientific consensus* that the drug provided no major risks for women under the age of 18 and should be available over the counter, the new Plan B One Step should hit pharmacy shelves soon.

A new generic version of Plan B--hilariously called "Next Choice"--will also be available soon, except for some ridiculous reason it's by prescription only. Here's a helpful step-by-step to demonstrate why this landscape of EC is insane.

Step 1: Uh oh! You got drunk at that party at Fiji house after the football game and had unprotected sex.

Step 2: Some girl you know tells you about this pill you can take after you have sex to make you not get pregnant.

Step 3: Sunday morning rolls around and you walk-of-shame to the nearest pharmacy where you work up the nerve to ask the 17 year old working the register for the "morning after pill."

Step 4: "Which one?" The 17 year old asks. "Uhh..." you respond.

Step 5: The kid says, "There's regular Plan B, which is 2 pills and costs $xx, Plan B One Step that's one pill and costs $50, and the generic called Next Choice which costs $xx. If you want to use your insurance, you have to get the generic."

Step 6: You turn around and see a line of customers behind you and, red-faced, you leave the store so you can call 1-800-Not-2-Late and figure out what the fuck this kid is talking about.

Step 7: It's too late to take emergency contraception now...guess it's babytime for you!

*I mean among people who are actual scientists.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Young women and IUDs

Dear G2G,

I'm 20 and I want to get an IUD. I will have safe sex unless I'm monogamous. Thoughts?


Dear Gina,

IUDs are great but they're not right for everyone. You can read my past post about them here. The FDA and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists changed their recommendations a few years ago so women who havent had children are candidates for the IUD.

The hitch for young women can sometimes be getting a provider who will acutally insert an IUD for you. Unlike writing a prescription for a drug, not all doctors or nurse practitioners are trained to insert IUDs, so your doctor may not be able to do it. Call and find out. I hear from women regularly that if they bring up the IUD during their regular annual appointment, they get the brush off. So you should call your doc's office and find out if they even do IUDs and, if they do, you'll need to schedule an "IUD consultation" where they will measure your uterus to make sure it can hold an IUD and run some STI tests to make sure you get treatment for anything that's hanging out in your girl parts.

If your doctor doesn't do IUDs, call your local Planned Parenthood clinic.

Good luck!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Texas Education Standards are

I'm pretty sure this isn't what Nancy Reagan meant...

I didn't think it was possible, but after a close reading of the Texas Essential Knowledge Standards for Health Education (better known to Texans as the TEKS), it turns out Texas isn't in favor of abstinence after all!

From Chapter 115 of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Health Education Subchapter C. High School:

115.32, b. 7: (G) analyze the relationship between the use of
refusal skills and the avoidance of unsafe situations such as sexual abstinence (emphasis mine)

Apparently the most urgent need in Texas education is a thorough understanding of sentence construction since I'm pretty sure they don't want people like me to teach students to just say no to abstinence. But considering what the wingnuts over at the Heritage Foundation are up to these days, they clearly think that we are, in fact, teaching kids that abstinence is unsafe. Except, actually, we're kind of right...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Most Extreme Wedding Gift Challenge: Power Mixer or Power Vibrator?

As an in-demand friend, sister, and sex expert, I've been invited to 4 (that's right--four) out of town weddings this summer for which I am scraping together the cash to buy both plane tickets and gifts for the happy couples.

Don't get me wrong, I like high-quality kitchen appliances as much as the next girl (and I actually know how to cook, zing!) but when I'm thinking about what influence I want to have on the young married life of my closest friends, I'm thinking less "KitchenAid" and more "marital aid."

For engagement/shower gifts I've purchased the following:

the Laya Spot vibrator

At one wedding I heard tell of a couple who, after getting married, gave every couple they knew a sex swing for their nuptials.
So the question is this: do I go for the pink hand mixer or the pink vibrator? The NFL Team tailgate set or the Fleshlight?