Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Q: Can my gyno tell if I've had sex before my Pap Smear? A: Probably. But whatever.

Dear Go-To Girl,
So I called Student Health this morning to get a Pap before I leave school and don't have health insurance for a while, and they gave me an appointment for this afternoon. The problem is, I just had sex with my boyfriend this morning and I've heard that if you've recently had sex it can mess up your Pap smear. Wtf?
Pap Gal
PS-We used a condom.
Dear Pap Gal,
Way to go using condoms. You're a good person. Your gyno will probably be able to tell that you've had sex recently, but as long as there's no semen inside you having recently had sex won't affect your Pap at all.
Go in peace.
Go-To Girl

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