Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Q: How do lesbians have sex? A: Watch this movie, Part 2

Remember "The Crash Pad," that fiesta of butch girls wearing strap-ons and female ejaculation? Well, director Shine Louise Houston is back again with "Superfreak," a movie that (brace yourself) has hot girls and bois become possessed by the ghost of the Original Superfreak Rick James and then have "Superfreaky" sex. I know. If you can get past the premise, and, really, what porn viewer pays attention to the premise, anyway? then "Superfreak" is actually an improvement on "CP." More girls, a few hot returning characters, and way more sex.

"Superfreak" opens with bondage and fetish model Madison Young jerking off on the couch to, believe it or not, "On Our Backs"” magazine. Rick James, through artful camera work, enters MadisonĂ‚’s body and brings her to a powerful, Hitachi Magic Wand-induced orgasm.

Madison crashes a party and pulls “Crash” veteran Dylan Rion away from her dance partner for a behind-the-couch fuck. Those who remember Dylan as the femme in the middle of the hot threesome scene in “Crash” might not recognize her here: she’s all boi-ed out, and she looks superhot with short hair and sweater vest. She fucks Madison against the wall, standing up, a feat of strength for anyone.

After Dylan and Madison’s scene, we see returning couple Vasa (known as Jiz Lee in “Crash”) and Shawn getting wet in the kitchen sink. After thoroughly hosing each other down with the sink hose, they fuck in their signature frantic, intense style on virtually every surface in the kitchen. Sadly, Vasa/Jiz doesn't repeat "Crash"'s amazing squirt, but these two are fun to watch anyway.

No room at this party escapes use: next we find real couple (but fake-named) Guy Handful and Rozen hilariously act out lesbodrama in the bathroom before fucking long and hard all over the floor, much to the chagrin of the six or seven ladies waiting in line outside. Rozen is my favorite girl in the film: she's super hot and watching Guy fuck her reminds anybody who's had a good set of hands go to work on her just how good it can feel.

The final scene features porn stars Lorelei Lee, Princess Donna and Dana DeArmond in an all-femme threesome that gives us the first real anal scene in the movie. Watch this one to see Dana put four fingers in Lorelei’s ass at the same time that Donna has four in her pussy. While they occasionally drift into porno-girl noises, this scene is really hot.

The “Superfreak” DVD comes with a second disc of special features that has bloopers, cast interviews, and a TV special about Houston’s path to pornmakerdom. While not hot per se, the features are illuminating and give fans some insight into the intricacies of queer relationships and participation in porn.

“Superfreak” is much more “porno” than “Crash” and that makes it both more fun and less hot. The Rick James plot device is no more ridiculous than any other porn storyline, but part of the beauty of “Crash” was that there was so little unnecessary dialogue to dampen the mood. But “Superfreak” does fulfill the big need left by “Crash” for more fucking. There is more anal, more oral, and more fucking in general in “Superfreak,” and that alone makes it great. Fans of female ejaculation will be disappointed; there are no visible squirts this time.

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