Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Q: Where can I find a totally weird condom demonstration video? A: Here.

Hey kids. As we all know, I love to talk about condoms, hand them out to unsuspecting people, and keep large numbers of them all over my apartment. (Sorry, roommate)

So it is with great pleasure that I inform you of a brand new, totally useless innovation in condom technology. Apparently, the "
patented Pull-Strip™ system means eliminating that air bubble that often forms in the tip of the condom. This very important feature offers greater safety and greater sensitivity."

I guess that for those people for whom putting on a condom is really their least favorite activity, this product presents an alternative. But the only people for whom I can imagine this product being of use are people who have difficulty using their hands, either due to spinal cord injury or, perhaps, cut off fingers for fun.

See the Pullitt Condom Demonstration video here.

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