Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Q: Anal-eaze? A: No!!!

Dear Go-To Girl,
So I've thoroughly read your guide to anal sex and checked on Tristan Taormino's website so I feel like I'm ready to go. I've even been practicing with fingers and lube. But I'm still nervous that it's going to hurt when my boyfriend and I give it a go. I've heard about this product called Anal-Eaze that makes butt sex less painful; is it a good idea to get some?
Love you!
Almost Ready in ChiTown

Dear ChiTown,
I'm so happy that you're taking my advice! Here's the lowdown on Anal-Eaze: its active ingredient is benzocaine, which is a numbing agent--the kind of stuff the dentist puts on your gums before drilling you a new one.

Here's why you shouldn't use it: Anal-Eaze will numb your area, which sounds like a good idea but could actually be bad. If something goes wrong back there, you'll want to know so you can stop and take a breather; but if you're numb, you won't feel the pain and won't know until later that you've got a nasty cut on your rosebud.

Benzocaine doesn't only numb you to pain; it also numbs you to pleasure. So you won't feel anything bad or good. It also doesn't only numb your ass--it'll numb whatever is going into it, which, in this case, is your boyfriend's cock. So, nobody wins.

Verdict on Anal-Eaze: Skip it. Work up to three fingers using a good lube like Maximus and you shouldn't have any pain at all.

Go-To Girl

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