Monday, April 02, 2007

Q: I like it when my boyfriend slaps me across the face during sex. Am I normal? A: No. But right on!

Dear GTG,
I've recently discovered that I'm totally into it when my boyfriend hits me during sex. Not like punching, but more like slapping me in the face right as I'm about to come. WTF?

Devoted Reader

Dear DR,
You're definitely not normal, but so what? If you like being slapped during sex and your boyfriend likes to slap you, and nobody has any misunderstandings about how it's not appropriate for this recreational hitting to move outside the bedroom, then go forth and hit. I'm all for it. Some people like being spanked, and I don't think this is too much different. And considering how utterly vanilla getting slapped is compared to, say, this, don't give being normal or not a second thought. But just so your friends and coworkers don't get suspicious, try to avoid winding up with a black eye.

Go-To Girl

Good news for sex:

All-around douchebag Dr. Eric Keroack, the guy who opposes birth control that Bush installed as head of The Office of Population Affairs to oversee the U.S.'s Title X program (that's the birth control funding program, for those of you not in public policy) resigned.

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