Monday, August 06, 2007

Q: Do I need to get the Morning After Pill? A: If you have to ask, then yes.

Dear Go-To Girl,

So...this is awkward, because I don't want you to judge me or anything...I was using a condom and, I mean, it didn't break or anything but I think know...might have come out the top. Should I get the morning after pill? I'm pretty regular and I think I'm supposed to ovulate this weekend and I'm really worried. What should I do? Are there bad side effects?


I'm Totally Responsible

Dear ITR,

The great thing about the morning after pill is that, since you're over 18 and it's over the counter, you can just get it at the drugstore (assuming the pharmacist isn't a dick) and take it.

Plan B isn't 100% effective, but the sooner you take if after sex the better. You can take it within 5 days of unprotected sex but, ideally, you should take it right away. Having an extra dose or two laying around is a great idea, just in case you need it again sometime and run in to an asshole activist pharmacist who won't give it to you.

The side effects are usually mild and the most common are nausea and breast tenderness. But considering the nausea and breast tenderness one experiences during pregnancy, a wee bit with Plan B is a small price to pay.

If you need help finding Plan B, go here. And while you're at the drugstore, get two or three doses. Men can buy it, too.

You can also use regular birth control pills as emergency contraception. Here is a chart that explains how many pills of each brand to take.

Go-To Girl

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