Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sexiquette: 10-10-50 Revisited

After conversations last night about the validity and applicability of the original 10-10-50 rule, I have decided to provide some additional clarification on the rule.
10: The first 10 is the number of minutes necessary for sex. So if you are, say, a teenage guy and you're wondering how long you should really try to hold out when having sex with a girl, focus on making the 10 minutes you've got in you really solid. Some people (particularly drunks) can last forever, but, believe me, it gets boring. And yes, I have a clock on my bedside table. And yes, I look at it. I defy all you guys who really believe you last longer to look at the clock. 10 minutes is actually a really long time.
10: The second 10 does not apply to oral sex for girls. Sorry, girls and guys. I know your neck starts to hurt and whatnot. But if you're warming your girl up, you've got to put in the time. Girls, the same 30 minutes max rule should apply to you too. If your partner's neck is broken, you'll regret it.


Communo-tube said...

I don't know how to send in questions to your site. But I'm interested in the official status of the Extended Massive Orgasm: Is it bunk or fo' real?

Gavin said...

In response to communo-tube's comment: Extended Massive Orgasms are "fo' real". Not bunk. Fun.

GTG, I'll address the 10-10-50 rule elsewhere.