Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Break, y'all! Part 1

Y'all! Seriously, y'all! Listen up: Spring Break is awesome. And, by awesome, I mean awesomely American and bad and trashy and Texas. I'm here in South Padre Island, which is, apparently, the number 1 Spring Break destination in the U.S. It is also the number one destination for excessive tanning, cheap thongs, and Victoria's Secret "PINK" sweatpants. Seriously, like every girl has a pair. I'm staying at The Upper Deck Hotel, SPI's only gay hotel and only gay bar. It's kind of fabulous, kind of Brokeback. There's a crew of nice hot gay boys from UT (see pics).

So the hotel is nice. And although I lived through a hurricane today, the sun came out this afternoon and I got to walk down the beach and see Spring Break in action. And some jellyfish that look like condoms that have been blown up.

As I was walking down the beach, it was all nice and quiet
and families with kids and stuff, and then, all of a sudden,
it was officially Spring Break.

More to come tomorrow, including a photo of me with a Mystery Celebrity!
Love, GTG

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