Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AmeriSex News Items!

Don't sue me Kels; it's a mannequin!


R. Kelly's trial has been postponed again, indefinitely.

Apparently the lady-prosecutor in the case went and got knocked up and had a baby so she's unavailable to be at trial until spring 2008.

The good news though is that jurors will get to see the 26 minute sex tape in its entirety. Hopefully they'll also watch the Dave Chappelle sketch so R. Kelly can demonstrate the hateration that has been perpetrated against him as a result of this case.



So I'm watching a CNBC show called "On the Money" today and there's a bit on what's being billed as the "American Idol" of porn.

It's called "America's Next Top Porn Star." It's available, hilariously, on Pay-Per View. I knew that it was tough for guys to break in to porn, but girls? I thought it was pretty much a first come, first serve kind of industry.

Here's the registration form for the show. See the list of, ahem, activities.

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