Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Larry Craig pulls an R. Kelly

via the New York Times:
Mr. Craig stunned Washington late yesterday with an announcement through his spokesman that he may return to the Senate despite announcing Saturday “my intent to resign from the Senate effective September 30.”

Holy Shit! Senator Craig is clearly taking a page from R. Kelly's playbook by giving a big "Fuck you!" to Washington.

Senator Craig, I recommend you defiantly return to W'ton on September 30th with your Stunnas on and bouncin' on your 24's, which should also be chopping and spinning.

And remember what R. Kelly wrote in "Rollin'":

I'm back Niggas [Senators]
Ya’ll thought I was gone? [resigning in disgrace?]

When I was down you bitches didn’t want to be my friends (rollin) [ethics inquiry?]
And now I’m rollin all you bitches wanna hop in [Fuck all y'all!]

Players hate, players hate [I'm looking at you, Senator Mitch McConnell {R-KY}]
When I walk up in the club [Senate]
I got them shades on doing about 75 [glasses]
Just call me speed racer cause I’m rollin in at mach 5 [more like 35 on Constitution]
Ya’ll niggas ain't fucking with me [Senate Ethics Committee]
And I put a mil on it [just ask my lawyers, Stanley Brand and Andrew Herman of the Brand Group]
Niggas and bitches they lie [fuck the police]
But home boy them stats don’t [prostitute's phone list, Senator Vitter {R-LA}?]
R & B Boss/Hussling like Rick Ross/Man my flow is so raw/
So niggas don’t piss me off [listen up, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington]
I’m a player homie and that’s a well known factor [thanks for your support, Senator Arlen Specter {R-PA}]
Plus the wheels on that coup got it looking like a tractor [I am from Idaho, after all]

I really thought Senator Craig was going to puss out on this one, but he's obviously been inspired by R. Kelly's upcoming child pornography trial (stay tuned for up-to-the-minute coverage starting September 17th!). Fuck the Republican leadership.

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