Thursday, October 09, 2008

Go-To Girl Loves Men Who Love Cats!

Go-To Cat, helping me do research.

Look--I like cats. I have cats. They are awesome. I appreciate dogs the way I appreciate children--on occasion, in sight of the time when they will go home/leave/go to sleep. Cats, for some reason, are considered "feminine" or "gay" and so the Big Straight Guy pet is, obviously, a dog. Preferably some Uber Masculine dog like a Pit Bull, Boxer, or, for the Strong Yet Sensitive Guy, a Golden Retriever.

The irony is that having a dog is like having a child, so all these Straight Guys are basically providing child care for their furry, slobbery, barky friends. Talk about emasculating.

Cats have to be negotiated with. They want you to want to be around them, but they don't want to be around you if you seem too eager. They want you to pet them, but they may or may not be interested in licking you or nuzzling you back. There's no tit for tat with cats. The tighter you hold them, the more they struggle to get away. Sounds like stuff most Straight Guys could learn a little bit about.

So how delighted am I that there's this new website,, devoted to (ostensibly) straight guys with cats. I'm suspicious of anyone who describes themselves as a Straight Guy or SOOOO straight, totally Fucking Straight, etc.


J. A. Baker said...

Heh. I'm kinda biased, but cats ARE the best pets on the face of the planet.

T.S. said...

Cats are okay, but I think guys prefer the uncomplicated, straightforward, and genuine affection that dogs exhibit. You love your dog and your dog loves you back. Your dog isn't going to ignore you when you get home, it isn't going to suddenly claw your leg when you're petting it, and it's always happy to hang out and play around with its favorite person. Most folks I know prefer dogs because dogs are more fun than cats.

Not that Straight Girls need to learn anything about how to relate to Straight Guys, of course.