Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prescriptions Down Nationwide:
What About Birth Control?

The New York Times published an article today that reports prescriptions are down nationally. Profiling several patients--most of whom are of Medicare age--who are, because of high costs and tough economic times, taking drugs less often than prescribed, smaller doses by halving pills, or foregoing certain medications altogether.

Sure, a $65 Nuva Ring doesn't compare to a $500 a month Alzheimer's drug, but young women--who, like the retired, have limited income--are hard hit by financial hard times and may be forced to stop using their birth control or, worse, taking a pill every other day. The consequences--unintended pregnancy--are real and financially life-altering.

If you find yourself forced to choose to stop taking your prescription birth control, stock up on condoms. I'm working on a longer article on making birth control feasible during tough economic times--it'll be forthcoming. But for now, seriously, buy some rubbers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I just want to say that with my health insurance, Medica, if I buy a generic Pill at Target, it'a $15 for 3 months. They (Target) recently drastically reduced the price (it used to be $15 for one month, and I assure you, the change did not come from my health insurance...), so that might be something to look into.