Monday, October 20, 2008

My Friends, We're In the "Danger Zone"

Seriously, McCain? As if hearing about Joe the lying sack of Plumber during every f-ing speech isn't enough, now McC is playing Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" at the end of his rallies.

Really, my friend?

Look, my friend, I get that you're a decorated veteran. I remember the song from "Top Gun." I also remember rollerskating around the gym while the song played on a 45rpm record player while I was at day camp in Fairlington. I was there, McC. Don't ruin this song for me, my friend.

"Danger Zone" is a great song. But it's not the kind of song you want to use to try to convince voters that you're the "security" candidate. Just sayin'.

You've also played "We Will Rock You," which makes a little more sense, but why all the 80's power tunes? I feel like I'm in Disney's
"Underdog Badminton Team Full of Chubby Kids and Bespectacled Nerds Surprises Everyone to Win Against the Chinese Team and Protect Our Freedoms"

movie. And it ain't good. You don't have Emilio Estevez, my friend.

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