Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not in New York:
Manhattan College's "Virgin Club"

The New York Times reports that the president (cum priest) of Manhattan College (which is not in Manhattan at all, but in Riverdale, which is in the Bronx) proposed to students that to aid them in abiding by the school's rule that they not have sex on campus, someone found an abstinence club.

No takers.

The student newspaper, The Quadrangle, broke the story to much acclaim. I know the feeling. Back in the days of yore my first published article was about the sex policy* at my Very Exclusive Quaker Boarding School, entitled, I kid you not, "Sex From All Angles" It was read simultaneously by every student in the school. Suffice it to say, the taste of fame has stayed with me.

To paraphrase a quoted student who was my boyfriend in ninth grade, "Sex is not an ill." Manhattan College, take note: it won't work.

Very Exclusive Quaker Boarding School understands that adolescent development includes issues of friendship, attachment, and romantic intimacy. While affirming young people’s need to express their sexuality, the School believes that adolescents are not yet ready to bear the responsibilities associated with sexual intimacy. Therefore, the School’s policy is that intimate sexual contact among students is not appropriate within the context of school life and may have disciplinary consequences. Violations of this School rule may result in suspension or dismissal from the School.
However, such situations will be addressed discreetly, respectfully, and with care for those involved. Very Exclusive Quaker Boarding School recognizes that there will be occasions when students need education, counseling, or medical care in areas related to sexuality. Students’ concerns may be about themselves or their peers. While the School also recognizes that it is sometimes difficult for students to talk about these issues, we highly encourage all members of our community to seek assistance utilizing the health resources available at Very Exclusive Quaker Boarding School.
Students who wish to receive information, support, or counseling regarding sexual health have several options at Very Exclusive Quaker Boarding School.
1. Speak with a faculty member. Students may choose to confer with a teacher, dorm parent, advisor or coach. The faculty member can listen, help clarify the School’s expectations, and refer the student to one of the Health Center staff.
2. Speak directly with a member of the Health Center staff. Students may visit the Health Center to ask for information, to make an appointment to speak
confidentially with one of the staff physicians, nurses, or therapists, or to ask for a referral to a professional in the local community.


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