Monday, June 09, 2008

Midnight Train to Swingtown

(By way of M & K in Florida)

For those of you who, like me, mourned the loss of the uber-hot, quiet but sensitive Jake the Bartender at the dramatic end of "Melrose Place," CBS has got a brand new bag: "Swingtown."

"Swingtown" tells the story of three couples, the Deckers, the Thompsons, and the main characters, the Millers. Susan and Bruce Miller are in transition from an old (read: conservative) neighborhood outside of Chicago to a new (read: 1970s) life in a bigger, more glamorous house.

The show opens with what looks like sexy, mustachioed pilot Tim (Grant Show) getting a blowjob in the cockpit; but, alas, the stewardess has just spilled coffee on his pants and is cleaning it up.

"Swingtown" follows these couples through the neighborhood manifestation of the wet and wild 1970s. The music is great, Grant Show is hot as all get out, and we have the first-ever primetime portrayal of swingers.

Watch the full episode at

As a totally kick-ass bonus, the website features full-length episodes of "Melrose Place" that are Jake-centric.

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