Thursday, June 19, 2008

Q: Why am I losing my hard-on? A: You're putting pain-killers on it

Dear Go-To Girl,

I'm in a relatively new relationship and my girlfriend and I have tried twice to have sex. Both times once I put a condom on, I lost my erection. I'm using these condoms by Trojan; the wrapper is green. Do I need a Magnum?


Dear Jack,

Sometimes guys really do need a Magnum because the condom they put on is too tight at the base and they lose their erection. Not to diminish the possibility that you have a huge cock, but the green-wrapped Trojan you're talking about is the "Extended Pleasure" model, which says right on the box that it contains a "male genital desensitizer."

That desensitizer is no other chemical than benzocaine, the dental anesthetic. Using an Extended Pleasure condom is like spraying Chloraseptic on your dick.

So throw those condoms in the trash and get yourself some nice Kimono Type E's.



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