Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oral Sex Week, Part 3: The Conflict Continues

The privileges of being on GTG's GoogleChat list:
Monica: I have some news on the going dtown front.. too

me: ohh!
let's hear it

Monica: Working at work!

me: i know
it's novel

4:53 PM Monica: He said it makes him gag

me: oh give me a break

Monica: he is able to control it

me: like having a cock in your mouth doesn't make a girl gag?

Monica: but its hard for him
and I laughed
said exactly that

me: you should remind him that the gag reflex is actually inside the throast
not on the tongue

Monica: he did attempt to go down on me
4:54 PM after our chat
but it was short and not great

me: well, i can guarantee you that you can look forward to a relationship w/o cunnilingus

Monica: But damn the sex was good
I know

me: that wouldn't be tolerable to me

Monica: There is not a single thing I would change about him

me: but it's your call

4:55 PM Monica: except for that
I know
He is making an effort
4:56 PM kinda cracks me up

me: sounds like he's making an effort to get you to say,
'don't worry about it'

Monica: hahahah
Maybe I should be more forcefull
4:57 PM really ask him to work on it

me: i think it's fair

Monica: that its important for our sex life

me: as dan savage says, oral sex comes standard
and any model that comes without it should be returned to the lot

Okay, gang. Really. Oral comes standard. Any make or model that comes without it should be returned to the showroom.

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