Thursday, July 10, 2008

Orgasmic Birth Movie Trailer

Really! Thanks to I for the tip on this. I don't normally talk about what happens if birth control fails (pregnancy, childbirth, screaming brats, whambulances, etc.) here on GTG, but this new documentary about the "sensuous...ecstatic release of childbirth" seemed to cross genres and be appropriate to mention here.

I'm all about homebirth, midwives, and so on and this makes it seem even cooler. Fuck you, medicalized commodified hospital childbirth!

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Anonymous said...

What a load of BS.

Can't speak for the US, but here in the UK our local (and free) National Health Service (ie the Evil Medicalised Hospital People) gave us every possible chance (and encouraged us) to have a home birth. When our daughter had waited so long it was endangering both her and her Mum the hospital tried to induce the birth and my daughter ended up being delivered in the operating room by c-section (no orgasms) - turns out the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck.

In conversation a midwife* told us that in her elective placement in Uganda, as many Mums died in childbirth in one month in her one centre as did in the whole UK in two years. The centre didn't even keep a tally of the stillbirths.

Home birth? Great. But hospital childbirth still beats the shit out of fatalities.

Mother and baby are doing fine, thanks. Maybe stick to what you know.

*Actually midwives are medical staff and work in hospitals too.