Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome to Masturbation Week!

No, this isn't me. (but it sure does kinda look like me...)

In keeping with the tradition of answering lingering fishbowl questions, I've decided to take the fishbowl theme of masturbation and bring it to the blog for the whole week.

Here we go!

Q: Do you have any sex toys?

A: Dear God, yes. I have multiple tiers of sex toys: those that are in regular, day-to-day rotation, those that are relaxing-evening-at-home toys, and those that I've tried, rejected, and are just laying around taking up space in my giant walk-in closet.

You can see reviews of toys I've written and posted here.

In Go-To Girl's own arsenal are the following:

Regular Rotation:

The Babeland Silver Bullet. Cheap, powerful, and versatile, this bullet is a stand-by. At the bargain price of $15 I've been happy to replace it as necessary--once a year or so.

O'My Natural Lubricant. Not my favorite lube for anal (see Maximus) but generally good all around; not too thin, doesn't taste gross or smell bad. Lube, obviously, is a must. And the pump top and the pretty bottle make it both convenient (believe me--when you're at the moment that you need lube, you don't want to bother unscrewing a top) and discreet (for when you forget to put it away when your friends/family are coming to spend the night).


The Dynamic Duo Bullet is just like the regular bullet, except it has two bullets for double the fun.

Tex. Best. Dildo. Ever. $96 and worth every fucking penny. It's silicone so it can be heated up or cooled down and is sterilizable.

Cock rings. They come with the harness but sometimes they come in really handy.

The Tantus Ryder butt plug. Totally awesome. Silicone and sterilizable.

The Tantus Silk dildo. Silicone and sterilizable.

Sportsheets Velvet Harness. For dildos. Machine-washable.

Smart Balls. These are new so I'm not entirely sure that I like them yet. But they're supposed to strengthen your muscles and stuff.

Practically in the Trash:

The Ideal which is incredibly loud and super-powerful. Really, it's just better as a massager. A back massager.

The Cone
. I just can't figure this thing out.


J. A. Baker said...

Heh. First you have Oral Sex Week, now you've got Masturbation Week. Do you have a theme week once a month? (Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. ;-))

Go-To Girl said...

whatever it takes to keep my readers happy!

J. A. Baker said...