Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vacation Over. Back to the Grindstone.

Go-To Girl has a new friend! Peterson Toscano is the co-founder of, a web community for people who have survived "gay conversion" therapies or programs.

Last week I met Peterson and got ahold of a copy of his now-retired play, Doin' Time at the Homo No-Mo Halfway House. After performing the show around the world for 5 years, Peterson retired it early in 2008.

The one-man show documents, in 7 characters, Peterson's own experience in various ex-gay ministries in his desperate attempt to not be gay.

Peterson is super cool and the show is hilarious. Two dildos up!

1 comment:

Peterson Toscano said...

and from my brief encounters with you this weekend, given the right conditions, I suspect that you are more fun than a barrel of bonobos!