Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Comeback of the year: Kels supports Hillz!

Hillz puts the reporterbitches in their place.

Following last night's election R. Kelly reportedly made a congratulatory call to his close pal Hills, and gifted her with this set of lyrics to his hit comeback song, "Rollin." You might remember his lyrics about the Larry Craig scandal, also posted here exclusively.

Hillz! I'm back Niggas [Cablenews reporters]
Ya’ll thought I was gone? [didn't have enough delegates?]

When I was down you bitches didn’t want to be my friends (rollin) [Who gives a fuck about those tiny bitch democratic primaries?]
And now I’m rollin all you bitches wanna hop in [Texas and Ohio and Rhode MotherFuckin' Island, bitches!]
I’m going toot toot, beep beep [ghostridin' on highway 35 in Austin]
Pulling up on them wheels now [on my Secret Service limo]
All black on body got it shining much like a seal now [seriously]
And a shoty much like a seal now [the presidential seal]
Got them cars in my garage [limos, people]
No less than a mil now [35 mil raised in the last month, to be precise]
Hillz about to take the bar [number of delegates won]
And I’mma set it real high [like, so high I can't be beat]
Double take, double take [like how I doubled up on Ohio and Texas, bitches]
When I roll up to the club
Players hate, players hate [CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, why y'all hatin?]
Players hate, players hate [Chris Matthews, what do you know about pimpin'?]
When I walk up in the club [White House]
I got them shades on doing about 75 [reading glasses]
Just call me speed racer cause I’m rollin in at mach 5 [more like 35 in my black armored 'Scalade]
Ya’ll niggas ain't fucking with me [seriously, you're not]
And I put a mil on it [35 mil raised in the last month, to be exact]
Niggas and bitches they lie [fuck the newsmedia]
But home boy them stats don’t [superdelegates, Florida, Michigan]
R & B Boss/Hussling like Rick Ross/Man my flow is so raw/
So niggas don’t piss me off [reporters, I will continue to put yo asses in the men's room]
I’m a player homie and that’s a well known factor [hello? Latino voter strategy?]
Plus the wheels on that coup got it looking like a tractor [I am from Arkansas, after all]


John said...

Damn girl! That's hilarious! 6am?!?

Anonymous said...

why are you so obsessed with r kels?