Wednesday, March 26, 2008

R. Kelly update (feat. T-Pain)

Surely you all remember T-Pain from his cameo in R. Kelly's summer mega-hit "I'm a Flirt," on which T-Pain reminded us that he
"Fell in love with a stripper, y'all"

and that
"When I pull up to the club all the girls be like, 'Damn, 28's?'"

"All I do is flirt with her [the stripper, I presume] and I get dem drawers"

further complimenting the ladies with
"I'm feeling your body and I'm hoping you feel the same"

and, modestly,
"When I pass by I know exactly what you say: 'He's so fine, he's so cool'"

and then he reassures the guys whose girls he's flirting with,
"He mad cos I'm lookin' but I already fucked her"

I love T-Pain but, I can't lie, I looooove T.I. What? He's hot.

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