Friday, March 28, 2008

Department of "HOLY SHIT!"

Seriously. Look at this cartoon. And then when you find yourself scratching your head about it, look at this document. (first page of PDF is blank)

If you are wondering, "Holyshit!" you're not alone. So the right to lifers discovered Margaret Sanger's skeleton-closet. So what.

Clearly some gal at UCLA read about Margaret Sanger for the First Time Ever in some women's studies class she was taking to be Prepared To Face the Feminist Enemy and thought, "OMG, this is TOTALLY going to overturn Roe v. Wade!!!"

Sadly for the pro-lifers (including, apparently, cartoonist Glenn McCoy) Sanger's history is widely known by people who read books and pay attention. The legacy is complicated, yeah, but if eliminating non-white people was her goal she and Planned Parenthood have managed to fail pretty spectacularly.

And let's be clear: being pro-life is not--and never has been--about saving babies. It's about controlling women and women's sexuality.

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