Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Early Father's Day Treat

Even though Father's Day isn't until June 15th, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my Dad for not dragging me through the bullshit charade that is the father-daughter Purity Ball.

I'm on the record about abstinence, purity, pledging, and all of its assorted nonsense. But the "ownership" of a daughter's "honor" and "virginity" and "purity" is so revolting I can't stand it. It's merely a few steps away from honor killings for when she (almost) inevitably breaks the pledge.

The idea that a father would encourage his daughter to consider herself property, an object to be and in need of protection makes me want to hurl. Even worse is the way some of the fathers set up this drama to create accountability for their own purity. Don't sacrifice your daughters on the altar of "purity" because you can't stop watching internet porn.

I'm all for father-daughter bonding, but can't they go to a baseball game or get ice cream or something like regular people?

Again, thanks Dad!

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