Thursday, May 08, 2008

Q: What's Your Sexual Nationality? A: Buon Giorno. Italian, 90%

By way of The Frisky, Go-To Girl took this quiz this morning to determine my "sexual nationality." And I'm 90% Italian, and my "tips" from the makers of KY Touch are as follows:
Making love is a religious experience! Passion is everything. Merely holding hands with your loved one can move you to tears and you periodically set fire to your bed after sex as a sacrifice to the Gods of Love.

Isn't that sweet?

Take the quiz here.


CG said...

I'm 81% Congolese - Wild and Unpredictable

sandychronic said...

65% swedish!

Anonymous said...

73% Brazilian ..I am not sure why I always get stuck under the athletic category? Ruled by the thighs,hips and buttocks.

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