Friday, May 09, 2008

Questions they asked: "Why does it take so long for girls to have an orgasm?" A: Because you have no stamina.

So I made my first live, studio television appearance last night on a show called "Subtext." I'm still not quite clear how the technology part of the show works, but I got to sit on a couch with a guy named Sid and answer sex questions that viewers texted in to the screen.

And the one they always ask: "Why does it take girls so long to come?" I resisted the temptation to talk about "10-10-50" but I think I got my point across: warm your girl up. Take 10 minutes. The end.

I almost convinced the host to taste the Passionfruit Punch lube but then he punked out.


sandychronic said...

how can i watch you on tv?

Go-To Girl said...

I'm waiting to get a copy of the show...I'll try to magically digitize it and post it somewhere.