Thursday, May 15, 2008

Q: How Do You Have Sex in India? A: With Ice!

Dear Go-To Girl,

So I met this guy that I'm totally crazy about and he's taking me with him to India for a work trip (!). I've never had sex that far from the U.S. of A--are there special precautions I need to take? Won't it be insanely hot?


Dear Ashley,

Among my many talents, I'm a published writer in the "Destination Wedding/Honeymoon" field. Don't ask. So I know where to look to find out how to have good, safe sex no matter where you are in the world.

First, the weather: Mumbai's climate is a lot like Texas; hot and humid. No big surprise there.

When traveling to a non-Western country, make sure you always take plenty of sex supplies--especially condoms and lube. You won't necessarily be able to find rubbers at all, and there's a very good chance that if you did find them, they would all be brands you had never seen before. So whether you like Magnums, Durexes, or Kimono Type E, take more than you think you'll need. And no, taking condoms with you doesn't mean you're expecting sex and it won't jinx you, either. Just put 'em in your cosmetics bag and take them with you anytime you travel.

To keep cool, make full use of that hotel bed (the sheets on which you don't have to change) and try out some ice play. Don't put any ice in your mouth (the water might not be safe) but on your skin it's A-Okay.

Safe travels!


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