Wednesday, May 07, 2008

World's Least Desirable Men "Not Interested In Sex"

Middle-aged British men are, I'm sorry to say, among the most undesirable men on the planet so I'm not sorry that, according to UK counseling and sex therapy organization Relate, they're "just not interested in sex" once they hit middle age. I'm not ever interested in Brits (except you, A) so it's no loss for me, but I think this indicates the veracity of what the Christian Coalition has been saying for decades: there is a crisis in traditional marriage. And that crisis, my friends, is that marriage is fucking boring.

In all seriousness though, depression among men is the "silent epidemic" and anyone who's dated anyone with depression can tell you about how it obliterates sex drive. In men, alcohol or drug use often "hide" depression, and also contribute to a loss of sex drive. (And so, incidentally, does the medication to treat it)

My heart goes out to these guys--wanting to want to have sex has got to be the most depressing feeling of all.

PS--Is David Beckham middle-aged?


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