Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breaking Testicle News:
Take That Cell Phone Off Your Belt

The media doesn't seem to care about cancer until someone gets taken by the balls--Lance Armstrong, John Kruk, and so on. Last week's announcement from the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute about cell phone use got mostly shrugs but my old pal Dr. Devra Davis, director of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Environmental Oncology was a guest on Larry King Live Tuesday night and mentioned something that oughta make people finally pay attention to the relationship between cell phone use and cancer: keeping a cell phone on your belt or in your pocket can increase your risk of testicular cancer.

Women who keep cell phones on their belts or in their pockets would also, obviously, be putting that radiation source near their ovaries, which could also develop cancer, but women are more likely to keep the phone in their handbag and not on their person. Radiation exposure in the reproductive organs can also reduce fertility. Just sayin'.

Testicular cancer? Gross. Cell phones on belt? Tacky.


Zack said...

Was the pocket more or equally causing of cancer than the belt? I know the only place I ever keep my phone is my pocket, and I don't want my balls to get cancer just because I don't carry around a purse. This is bad news!

Anonymous said...

try a man purse.

Go-To Girl said...

the pocket is probably worse because the phone (i.e., source of radiation) is under your clothes, which are shielding your nads (a little) from the radiation if the phone is on your belt.