Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Bikini this Season? Take a Nakation!

Go-To Girl has tussled with nudists before, and she cannot tell a lie: GTG is not comfortable being naked around people she is not imminently going to have sex with. Particularly men. Boxers or briefs, she doesn't care which--guys are so much more appealing in underwear than naked.

So imagine our surprise that the New York Times covered the rise in "nudist vacations," or, cleverly, "Nakations." Now we here at Go-To HQ are pro-rights and whatnot; a swinger vacay? Go for it! But a "nonsexual" naked vacation? Not so sure. Perhaps we're more prudish than we thought.

Activities included in these upscale nudie vacays:
Clothing-optional flights to a clothing-optional resort in the Baltics

Nude mountain biking (!)

Nude transcending of social class

Want to plan a nekkid vacation? Check out the American Association for Nude Recreation. And send us a postcard.

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