Monday, April 21, 2008

Snake Oil Alert: This is not 10-10-50

Okay, guys, don't be taken in by this. A professional wrestler-cum-Fox News financial commentator has "invented" a sexual stamina beverage.
Mr. Layfield...enjoyed a successful run as a professional wrestler before reinventing himself as a financial whiz and beverage impresario.

He's also from Texas. And this is his reason for making the normally boozy drink okay for underage guys:
“Show me an 18-year-old guy who doesn’t want to be a sexual tyrannosaurus,” he said.
I mean, tyrannosaurus? I realize that we here in Texas don't have the best primary school education but I don't think of "Long, Hard, Hot, and most importantly Long" when I think of Mr. T. Rex. I think of overly aggressive, loud, blows his load right away, and giant teeth. I don't think "carnivore" means "likes to eat pussy." And those tiny little hands!

And at $23.99 a 6-pack, why not just buy some weed?

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